Logistic At A Glance

CSCM is an established supplier of transport and logistic solutions. With connections in every facet of the industry; we pride ourselves on having an elite network of partners and agents, making us an ideal choice when exporting to the Caribbean.
CSCM acts as an extension of your purchasing or shipping department to save you headaches, hassle and time, all of which saves you money! CSCM offers a broad range of freight services capable of meeting you at any of your needs. Our expertise, matched with our close carrier relationships all work to provide you with best shipping experience. CSCM’S range of knowledge, personality, and enthusiasm is deeply engrained in its establishment giving us the uncanny ability to offer incomparable service and products. CSCM is committed to guaranteeing total customer satisfaction by providing quality service and making the difference in the lives of the customers and communities served.

We offer customer specific solutions, therefore edging out the competition and providing you with the necessary services to ensure your day to day functions go unbothered.


Company Values


“CSCM provides practical solutions for safe, secure and compliant logistics for all types of cargo ranging from hazardous materials, bonded cargo, vehicles, commercial goods and general merchandise.”


“…with numerous years in the warehousing and exporting industry, there’s no doubt that CSCM has achieved a status worthy of confidence deriving mainly from its moral virtue.”


“Time flies and we have first class seats. We care about our customers so we always find and make time for them.”


“CSCM freight specialists know the business well so applying the highest standard of proficiency comes natural.”