We provide a safe haven for the safe storage of your merchandise.



We pride ourselves in having fully developed technological features that emerged from our innovative concepts.



We specialize in providing the ultimate assortment of supplies to protect products for the use of export.



We are a professional logistics company with experienced personnel capable of handling your cargo with the upmost care.

Professional Warehousing

With the growing need of consolidated cargo to the Caribbean & Latin America, CSCM has made it a priority to provide trained, insured, and reliable labor for freight handling and warehousing services. Our qualified, competent, and experienced teams deliver high quality service.

Time Sensitive Response

We treat all of our clients’ cargo cases and shipment scenarios with the highest level of urgency. Your cargo is our cargo and we fully understand how important it is for you to receive timely responses. We take special precautions and always recommend the best way to move your items based on the situation at hand.

Professional Distribution

From start to finish, CSCM is there to ensure that your product gets from the manufacturing floor to your customer’s hands. We do his by utilizing value added services, transportation assets, and supply chain experience.

Dedicated Warehouses

Whether your business is seasonal, project based, or busy all year long, CSCM has the ability to meet your needs no matter how big or small. We have the ability to create a customized solution for you.
Offering anything less than premier services is not an option. We compare all of our divisions against the industry’s best and ask “what more can we do”. This focus has propelled CSCM’s growth since our foundation and is the driving force behind our efforts each day.