BARREL PIC•We supply Plastic & cardboard barrels. These are durable large & clean drums. Re-usable as well.
•The barrels come with a seal to lock the top and a security seal is available on collection.
•The most popular barrel we supply are cardboard barrels these are durable & strong, similarly so are the plastic barrels. The cardboard barrels aren’t so durable, but are the most economic.
•Please enquire for the current rates.



•Cargo doesn’t necessarily need to travel in barrels, so in addition we provide strong double walled cartons of various sizes. Some will hold less than a barrel and others undoubtedly can hold up to 5 times what a barrel can hold.
•We supply a variety of box sizes, ranging from small to extra-large; they are double walled corrugated cardboard and are strong enough to withstand the rigors of transportation.
•Please enquire for measurements by email or phone.



•For all movements we can provide tape, bubble-wrap, corrugated paper and/or pallets.



• For furniture, breakables & fragile items we can make a made to measure wooden crate. This is the safest way to transport this kind of cargo.
•Our wooden crates are made to order, they can be made from as small as 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm up to virtually half of a 20 ft. container. They are strong and are the safest way to move, fragile, expensive, and delicate out of gauge items. Casing is highly recommended for the movement of glass wall units and some furniture. For these kinds of movements take advantage of our on site estimates so an experienced advisor can assess the safest packing method.

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